Trees are getting a lot of attention at the moment, as people start to see them as a potential ally in facing the climate emergency. It is an essential lesson for our species to understand that we are not separate from nature, we are not to laud it over our natural environment, but we are sustained by a mysterious life support system that we must care for and respect.

The Story of Trees is a beautifully illustrated guide to different species of tree across the world and the ways that they have supported and helped us over the course of human history. With a double page spread on each species it creates an excellent reference work that can be read through or dipped into and returned to time and again.

The illustrations are attractive and detailed and supported by cutaways where appropriate of fruits and seeds. The accompanying words detail some basic facts alongside the human history of each tree, the way they have helped to shape and sustain human life through their wide variety of gifts. It has been brilliantly researched and contains a wealth of knowledge that can only enhance our relationship with the world around us.

It is an education and a joy to spend time amongst the wonder of trees from all around the world and hopefully an inspiration to walk out and meet those that thrive locally, acknowledging them as far more than a pretty view or shelter from unexpected rain. The Story of Trees will see you regularly returning to your bookshelf, not just a reference guide but a retreat to refresh your spirits. A lovely book.


The Story or Trees is published on 18 February 2020 by Laurence King Publishing. I received an ebook via Netgalley but recommend a hard copy which I’m sure will do even greater justice to the captivating illustrations.