That’s what living is. Keeping ourselves busy, averting our eyes so we don’t have to stare into the abyss. Because it would drive us insane.


Ever thought about death? Really thought about it? That’s the question that this quote responds to in C J Tudor’s novel The Taking of Annie Thorne. Death is the great equaliser, it doesn’t matter who we are, how much money we have, how important we think we are, when death comes we are all the same.

Which begs the question, what is life? Often it is a distraction, but if life is merely avoiding the fear of death then it’s a pretty pointless affair. No matter how good you might be at the game, in the end you’re going to lose.

Staring into the abyss can be a fruitless task too. Humanity has come up with all sorts of theories and philosophies for life that have fought, often literally and violently, for supremacy. At the recent book launch for The Other People, C J Tudor offered one that I like. “Be kind” she said “That’s what I always tell my daughter”. If we could all just master that maybe the true meaning of life would become clear.