Every Wednesday I post up a Whimsy. In essence this is a small post based on a quote that I like from either an author or a book. I repeat the quote and reflect on what it means to me. Hopefully it is an enjoyable bite-sized read that might create space for your own reflection too.


19 Feb 2020 – Lord Byron, dust, straw and feathers

5 Feb 2020 – Death and the Meaning of Life

29 Jan 2020 – Wendell Berry’s Peace

22 Jan 2020 – Atticus Finch, on living with yourself

8 Jan 2020 – Terry Pratchett, on the will of the people

1 Jan 2020 – Alfred, Lord Tennyson, with a New year message

25 Dec 2019 – Professor Albus Dumbledore, on Christmas presents

18 Dec 2019 – Vaclav Havel, on hope as a state of mind

11 Dec 2019 – D H Lawrence, on ethics and equity