Welcome to Live Many Lives, here are 5 carefully crafted tweets that explain what this site is all about:

The thing I enjoy about book reading, reviewing and blogging is trying to engage with the writing and draw out what it has to say to me.

That isn’t necessarily what the WRITER wants to tell me so much as what the WRITING opens up in me, mixing with my own experience and lens.

I hope that comes through in my reviews, not simply explaining the book, but giving a sense of how it stirred me or impacted my thinking.

And I hope it will develop as my own writing style and experience develops, guiding readers to writing that will challenge and inspire them.

If this approach appeals and you would like me to review your book please get in touch. Or if you’re a reader books await at Live Many Lives.

Thanks for reading


PS. Although I used to run a Twitter account under the name of this blog I have also written in other forms and genres and found maintaining multiple accounts difficult. As a result you can find me on Twitter as @mistrollingin



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. 😀 Just followed your blog! I’m also part of the The mountain in my shoe tour ^^


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